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Taking the leap: preparation + opportunity

I recently received an email from a former classmate, who was "frantically searching for a resume guru" on LinkedIn. A recruiter had just reached out with *that* dream job and her resume wasn't ready. She told me that she gets these kinds of calls periodically but just doesn't pursue them. "Maybe I will now that I have a fancy new resume," she said after we got her resume ready for her call.

I think this is such a good reminder that life is about taking those once-in-a-lifetime calls *and also* making sure you're ready to capitalize on them. Spend the time identifying the characteristics of your ideal next job, picking out the professional stories that best demonstrate how you'll excel in that role, and amping up your resume and LinkedIn profile to showcase it all. You might see even more opportunities out there, and, most importantly have the confidence to go after them.

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