Frequently asked questions

Why should I spend so much on a resume?

There is a reason why even the most successful executives need help with their resumes, and it’s not because they just want a snazzy new format. A new resume requires time, strategic choices, and great writing. We’re not used to talking about ourselves, thinking about our strengths, or certainly putting those together on paper in pithy, punchy, bullet points. When you write a good resume, you are trying to distill many years of experience and a rich and diverse range of skills and qualities into one or two pages. Most readers only take about 30 seconds to scan your resume, so your story needs to be concise, authentic, and impactful. You need to curate your story and provide your audience (i.e., your next employer) the information they need to understand your transferrable experiences and skills. What I do is more than copyediting or tweaking fonts. I ask you tough questions, synthesize lots of information, and bring out the best of what you’ve done in your career -- those critical milestones that demonstrate the true value you bring to the table. Think about our work together as an investment in your confidence and your career arsenal. Don't let a weak resume hold you back.

What do I need to do before I getting started?

First, contact me to set up our first phone call! Before we speak, I’ll ask you to send me the current version of your resume as well as at least one job listing that you are considering in your job search (or that represents the kind of role you see yourself in next). It's also helpful if you start thinking about the specific experiences - the highlights, stories, and milestones in your career - that showcase your unique talents. And don't worry, I won't require you to complete any of those long surveys or forms! After our call, I ask you to send me any additional information that you think may be helpful, including performance reviews, old letters of recommendation, and previously written cover letters. This helps me see your work and career from different vantage points and gives me additional context on your professional narrative.

What kind of clients do you work with?

I work with individuals in a range of industries, including financial services, government, law, tech, education, public policy, management consulting, and aerospace & defense. My clients are senior professionals and executives in marketing, sales, talent management, fundraising, business development, IT, communications, design, and management.

Do you create academic resume or resumes suitable for USA Jobs (federal job applications)?

I do not prepare academic CVs and federal job applications as they have very technical requirements and industry-specific conventions.

Do you provide samples?

I’m happy to provide sample resumes upon request.

Who will my resume writer be?

Me! I plan on keeping my business small and personal which means that I will remain your sole point-of-contact from our first call to the final materials I send you.

How long does the process take?

I offer two options for creating a resume. The Accelerated Resume service is a 2-week sprint and is best for professionals who need a resume fast for a specific job application. The Executive Package is a longer process that concludes between four and six weeks, ideal for executives who are prepping their materials for networking or recruiter calls, or who haven't updated their resumes in a long time and need more time to talk through their experiences. If you start with one package but decide you'd like more time with me, or want more resume revisions and iterations than is included in the package, we can continue the relationship on an hourly basis or retainer basis, or by converting your Accelerated Resume package into the Executive Package. Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and Professional Bios (all "Add On" services for existing resume clients) take 2 weeks to finalize.