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How to jump-start your job search on LinkedIn: Part 1

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

The holidays are a time to recharge and relax. Many of us unplug from our work and reconnect with family and friends. Others of us (✋) take this quiet time to silently panic about our careers. Add to that the pressure of answering questions from those aforementioned family and friends about our jobs and career goals. We may come out the other side of the holiday season feeling a little less than refreshed.

Want to feel productive even if you’re not 100% ready to engage on this stuff yet? In the spirit of my favorite number, I’ll be posting 3 sets of 3 recommendations over the coming week+ on how to jump-start your job search on LinkedIn. (They range from easy to hard.)

3 Easy "Do-Nows"

Review and update the order of your top 3 LinkedIn skills. I recently heard from a client that after reordering his skills, he received more proactive outreach from recruiters in the subsequent 2 weeks than in the previous 3 months. Which skills, you ask? Choose 3 skills you excel at or want to leverage in your next role.

Follow 10 companies on LinkedIn. These could be companies doing great work in your industry or ones you’re interested in working for. By following them, you stay up to date on their news (their posts feed into your Home page) *and* recruiters and hiring managers who see your profile will also see that you're following their companies (brownie points for showing interest!).

Find 3 interesting jobs on LinkedIn and save them in your "My Jobs". Be bold and turn on your job alerts so LinkedIn can send you more like them!

Do these sound too hard? Click below to learn about my LinkedIn course that helps you tackle LinkedIn basics and accelerate your career goals.

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