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I take a collaborative and comprehensive approach to building your career deliverables. Through one-on-one conversations and a careful study of your background, I bring your best professional self to life on the page.


I start with a deep dive into your career history and job search strategy. What have you accomplished and how will you apply those experiences in your next role? In addition to studying sample job listings you provide, I review your old resumes, performance reviews, and bios to unearth important professional accomplishments. 


A key part of my process is our individual review sessions. In our first call, I ask you in-depth questions about your career, mining for stories and details I can weave into your materials. After each draft, we review your materials together over the phone. These sessions help me expand and refine your content so that each bullet point highlights your most impressive and relevant work.

By the end of our engagement, you will have powerful tools to ignite your job search. Not only will you have identified the most important moments in your career, but you will have practiced talking about your work in succinct, poignant, and well-constructed sound bites. The process allows you to see and articulate a clear view of your professional strengths and values.

Check out my Terms for more information about how we'll collaborate together. 


I take your privacy seriously. All of our conversations are confidential.

Step 1
Background Research

You send me the job listings you’re exploring as well as background materials, including old performance reviews, resumes, and bios, to help me understand your professional trajectory and build an impressive new resume and LinkedIn profile.

Step 2
Strategy & Intake Call

We explore your career path and goals on an in-depth phone call. I extract poignant stories from your past and create compelling deliverables that deliver a strong professional brand.

Step 3
Drafts & Review Sessions

Your first draft is sent within 5 business days of our intake call. We will review the drafts together, refining and adding  content you will be proud to share. The process is iterative and I process each round of edits in ~3 business days.

Step 4
Final Deliverables

Your final drafts are professionally proofread and sent to you in PDF and Word formats or updated directly in LinkedIn.


Voila, you're ready to go!


Popular Services

My services include individual advising, multiple rounds of revisions, and professional proofreading.

Social Media Management Icon

LinkedIn Profile

Eager to leverage LinkedIn and build your online presence? I build you a beautiful, optimized profile to attract recruiters. I craft detailed new language for your About and Experience sections, design a bright, custom banner that draws people in, and update your profile settings to make sure you are visible to the right people.

Data & Research Icon

Executive Resume

Need a new resume to send to recruiters, network with colleagues, or apply to that dream job? I work with you to frame your past accomplishments in a clear, effective, targeted narrative that is rich in powerful stories and detail. The result is a distinguished, streamlined resume to help you snag that interview.

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Full Suite Package

Your resume and LinkedIn profile (your "virtual resume") should complement each other. By tackling both, you are preparing for those critical first conversations in the recruitment process. Together, we explore your past work experience and professional brand, creating a new resume and LinkedIn profile that will launch your job search.

Additional Services

You can add services and other career deliverables after your initial engagement, including cover letters, professional bios, thank-you emails, and ongoing support during an active job search.


Popular add-ons include:

Professional Bio

Need a new bio to accompany that new job, promotion, or upcoming speaking engagement? Let me write you a sleek, 200 to 300-word bio to summarize your professional journey and expertise. 

Cover Letter

Want to make a great first impression and prepare for your interview at the same time? I write tailored 300 to 400-word cover letters that speak to your strengths and what you will bring to the role. 

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