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How to jump-start your job search on LinkedIn: Part 3

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Well, we made it to 2023, and the final post in my 3-part series on how to prepare yourself and your LinkedIn profile for the new year. These last to-dos are my “super hard but worth it” tasks. They require a bit more mental work but will set you up to be more productive and more targeted job search (if that's what you've decided to embark upon!).

3 To-Dos for the Ambitious & Goal-Oriented

Write down the 3 professional moments you’re most proud of, ideally for each of your core roles/jobs. Push yourself to identify the who, what, why, and “so-whats” in each story (i.e., who did you work with, what did you do specifically, why was this an important project to your team/company, and what was your impact.) These will become core “STAR” stories for future interviews, elements in each of your LinkedIn Experience sections, and (as described below) an indicator of what you excel at and like best in your career.

Re-read your profile from top to bottom. If you’re like most of us, you’ve added to but not regularly edited your profile sections. Check your tone and voice - are you telling a coherent story with a consistent voice? Have you dedicated too much space to older, less relevant roles? What areas feel unbalanced? Are there missing or outdated elements? This process not only creates a better reading experience for your profile viewers, but will also help you identify key themes in your career. This can help you build an elevator pitch that articulates your current strengths, goals, and experience. Which, in turn, can help you craft a more dynamic and targeted About section.

Write down 3 ideas for LinkedIn posts. I never pressure clients to be a “thought leader” or actively engage on LinkedIn, but many of you want to be empowered to use the platform more. It also remains the case that the more active you are, the more profile views you’ll receive. How do you post or comment on LinkedIn thoughtfully and authentically? Start by making a list of (professionally related) things you find yourself talking about already - whether to clients, employees, or colleagues. Think about whether your broader professional community might benefit from that same information. My recommendation is to start the list *and* make a new year’s resolution to return to it during more inspired moments to draft short (200-300 words), poignant, and information-rich content.

Here’s to a great 2023!

P.S. I walk you through these types of exercises - and how to apply them to improve your LinkedIn profile - in my self-paced, online LinkedIn course. Sign up here to learn when it goes live!

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