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Ready for a career change? Don't touch that resume...yet

The job market is hot. You’re not that happy in your current role. You’re ready for a new challenge. The next step is to update your resume, right? Not necessarily! First, you need to put some thought into what it is you want to do.

I get it, having an updated resume is a very concrete step in the job search process, so it’s tempting to tackle it first. But do yourself a favor and spend some time homing in on your ideal job. Be as targeted and realistic as you can: find listings that you connect with or bios of people in jobs that hit some of your career objectives. This deep work will pay off. Why?

#1. You’ll give yourself a more productive, less desperate-sounding outline for those critical networking conversations. Instead of asking someone “What do you think I should do now?”, doesn’t this sound better?: “I’m thinking about these three types of positions within your industry. What do you know about those roles/How do you see me fitting into this space?/What’s your experience in this line of work?”).

#2. Being more focused on the job you want will help you create more responsive career collateral. You’ll have an easier time deciding what to cut, add, and emphasize in your resume, and the keywords and skills you should layer into your LinkedIn profile.

Remember that a successful job hunt is all about effective marketing. The more research you do about your target audience (the people hiring for your dream job!), the more impactful your marketing materials (resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter) will be!

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