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Making a great first impression on LinkedIn

How do you make a good first impression on LinkedIn? Start by focusing on the top portion of your profile page. Take 15 minutes (promise!) to go through my checklist.

#1. Make sure your headshot is crisp. Zoom in so your face takes up 60% of the frame.

#2. Add a banner to give some visual interest. Use your company’s branded banner, a landscape or skyline, or even abstract art.

#3. Optimize your Headline. Include your title and company name. If those don’t obviously describe your industry and function, or if you’ve spent time at brand-name organizations, use spacers (a dot or line “|”) to add expertise or former employment (e.g., “Counsel, ABC Company | Former Big Law Firm” or “Vice President, XYZ Company • Fintech, big data, and machine learning”

Finally. Don’t forget to update all of your “Intro” material. Add your industry (this shows up in search results!) and your pronouns (a newish feature on LinkedIn). Record your name if it’s hard to pronounce. Update your location (selecting the largest metropolitan region when you put in your employer’s zip code). And make sure your current company and education are selected so they show up in that right hand corner.

Need help revising your resume or updating your LinkedIn profile? Contact me at

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