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LinkedIn pro tip #2: Update your skills

I would say that roughly 90% of my clients haven't updated their Skills section on LinkedIn in over 5 years. I think the main reason why they've forgotten about Skills is that the section feels buried toward the bottom of the profile page. But updating your skills is an easy way to elevate your profile above others without too much heavy lifting.

🛠️Get unstuck.

If you’re someone who feels overwhelmed by the idea of updating your LinkedIn profile (I get it, writing about yourself is hard!), adding skills quickly moves the ball forward in your job search. There are 4 key places on your LinkedIn profile where you can add skills and increase that "keyword density" in your profile.

  • Add at least 20 skills with the 3 most important ones pin to the top of your Skills section.

  • Layer in your competencies, specialties, and expertise in your About section, your Headline, and even in your individual Experience sections.

💎 Mine for skills.

Don’t know which skills to list? Do some research!

  • Dig into those job descriptions of roles you covet. Which competencies are repeated as sought-after skills or experiences? (Pro tip: use wordclouds generator or another word aggregator to quickly see the most repeated words.)

  • Check out other people’s LinkedIn profiles who are currently in your dream job. What skills do they list? Which ones are their top 3 skills? Do you see any repetition or consistency across your industry or desired job function?

Now, map those skills to your own personal competencies and add them! See? Easy-peasy.

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