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How to update your LinkedIn discretely

LinkedIn Tip alert! Most LinkedIn profiles out there need a refresh or a complete LinkedIn overhaul. However, for many of my clients, there are teammates, employees, and bosses to consider. Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, you can easily set off alarm bells if you don’t update your profile discreetly. Some tips:

#1. Hit mute. LinkedIn’s settings will default to sending any little change to the feeds of all of your 1st connections. Yikes!

#2. See what your peers are doing. If your profile suddenly differs from what’s standard in your industry or at your company, you may be broadcasting your intent to leave. (I recommend switching to private or semi-private mode in LinkedIn if you’re browsing other profiles.)

#3. Check with marketing. Your employer may have a snazzy banner or social media rules you should follow. They’ll appreciate the call and your interest in sprucing up your profile and using it to champion your team’s work on LinkedIn's platform.

Instructions for how to change your LinkedIn settings can be found here and here.

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