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I'll write a powerful resume that makes you shine.

Your resume tells prospective employers a story about who you are and what you bring to the table. Every word counts. That’s where I come in!


Hi, I'm Margaret,
an executive resume and LinkedIn profile writer.

Recruiters already know what it takes to succeed in the role they are filling; it’s my job to show them how you will excel in it. An experienced advisor and attorney by training, I work with you to craft a compelling, concise, and authentic narrative that will get you noticed. At the end of our work together, you will have career deliverables you're excited to share and the confidence to go out and land your dream job.

I offer a suite of job search services.

I help you through various stages of your job search by writing a new resume and perfecting your job application.

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Professional Resume Rewrite

Does your resume tell potential employers the right story? Does it showcase all that you can bring to the role? Turn your resume from something that holds you back into something that launches the next step in your career. My executive resumes focus on your achievements and expertise, not trendy distractions. Let me help you put your best foot forward.

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LinkedIn Profile Refresh

90% of employers use LinkedIn to find or vet candidates. Make sure your profile winds up at the top of their search results! Your LinkedIn profile should highlight your skills, describe your seminal career experiences, and convey your professional values and brand. I will revitalize your LinkedIn profile so it gets you noticed while presenting you professionally and authentically.

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Tailored Cover Letters & Bios

Round out your career collateral with a customized cover letter or bio. I don't write template cover letters or regurgitate what's already been outlined in your resume. I work with you to write a personalized appeal that tells employers exactly why they need to bring you in for an interview. I also craft sharp, professional bios for websites and speaking engagements.

I work with senior professionals and executives from a range of industries & sectors, including financial services, law, public policy, healthcare, consulting, nonprofit & social impact, and international development.


Let's Make Your Resume Shine

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A Resume Wizard!

A resume wizard! Margaret is a joy to work with and brings out the best in people on paper. Margaret quickly identified what makes me unique and brought my experience to life in a resume that is concise, impactful, and makes me proud.

Martha V.

Communications Director

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My New Resume Impressed Interviewers

Margaret took the time to understand my ~2 decades of work experience and helped me create a focused resume that brought my relevant skills and experience to the fore (one interviewer declared my resume to be “fantastic”). My search ended up being faster than expected!

Jeff F.

VP, Account Strategy

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Best Investment of My Career

Margaret transformed my resume into something I am SO PROUD to distribute. Working with her was the best investment of my year and maybe my career, and I only wish I approached her sooner.

Stephanie M.

Content Designer

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