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What is your professional story?

Your LinkedIn profile and resume tell the world a story about who you are and what you bring to the table. Every word counts. That’s where I come in!


Hi, I'm Margaret,
a LinkedIn strategist and executive resume writer

An experienced advisor and attorney by training, I work with you to craft a compelling, concise, and authentic narrative that will get you noticed. Whether you are looking to make a big career pivot, advance within your current organization, or promote your team and growing business, I help you create professional materials that you are excited to share and the confidence to go out and reach your full potential.

I offer a suite of writing and coaching services

I help you and your company through various stages of your professional journey.

LinkedIn Profile Building

90% of employers use LinkedIn to find or vet candidates. Make sure your profile winds up at the top of their search results! Your LinkedIn profile should highlight your skills, describe your seminal career experiences, and convey your professional values and brand. I will revitalize your LinkedIn profile so it gets you noticed while presenting you professionally and authentically.

Executive Resume Writing

Does your resume tell potential employers the right story? Does it showcase all that you can bring to the role? Turn your resume from something that holds you back into something that launches the next step in your career. My executive resumes focus on your achievements and expertise, not trendy distractions. Let me help you put your best foot forward.

Corporate Training

My professional development offerings include webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions. I help individual team members refine their professional brand, boost their comfort level with LinkedIn, and express their unique voice and value proposition online. They in turn promote your organization as confident brand ambassadors and effective team advocates on the world's largest professional networking platform. 

I work with senior professionals, executives, and small business owners from a range of industries & sectors, including financial services, technology, law, healthcare, consulting, nonprofit, public policy, and international development.


Confidence in LinkedIn

It was so exciting to see my story come together visually and through Margaret’s language and organization...I highly recommend working with Margaret to effectively communicate your unique value via the LinkedIn space and hone in on what and how you want to communicate what you do.

Katherine E.

Small Business Owner

Gifted Storyteller

Margaret is a patient collaborator who helped me take stock of a varied, and sometimes meandering career path, to create a compelling and robust narrative which captures me perfectly. Within a month of finalizing my resume and LinkedIn, an executive recruiter reached out with a promising job opportunity highly aligned to my purpose and passion....She is an excellent coach and a gifted storyteller.

Sarah C.

Customer Experience Leader

I Landed a job in 3 Weeks!

I was approached within days of my LinkedIn profile update and asked for my resume by multiple executive recruiters. I landed a new job within 3 weeks with a 35% base salary increase.


I'm telling everyone about Margaret!  Best investment I ever made.

Tom C.

Technology Leader

Let's get started!

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