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Leveraging LinkedIn: For Professionals and
Job Hunters

Looking to accelerate your career search, build an online presence, and grow your network on LinkedIn? We've created an online, self-paced course to help you update your LinkedIn profile into a powerful tool. 


Does the following sound like you?

⏰ You've been avoiding updating your profile and need some step-by-step guidance.

🔎 You want to position yourself for that next big career search.

👋 You are a confident professional but don't know how to package your story.

⚡️ You're a reluctant LinkedIn user but want to up your game and generate a more robust online presence. 

Join now!

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Leveraging LinkedIn

From exercises and templates to guided lectures and video how-tos, this course provides a comprehensive, user-friendly way to craft a LinkedIn profile you're proud to share.



Matt S., Technology & Cybersecurity

"This course not only provides a roadmap to a great LinkedIn profile, but also a fantastic starting point for thinking clearly about your job search goals and qualifications. It offers a step-by-step process that helps you fine tune your understanding of your career objective, identify what employers are looking for, and ascertain how those two key pieces align. As a hiring manager myself, I can tell you that going through that process will give you a major advantage in the interview and job search process.”
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